Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh me, oh my, I really do hate making decisions!

School is getting closer and closer, and as it draws near I am becoming more and more agitated when I think about my poor blog and what I will be doing with it. (oh, vacation was wonderful, I ate delicious frozen yogurt and overall had a great time.) My first problem (with my blog) is that I feel very attached to it ... and feel like I would have abandonment issues if I started a new blog, and just forgot about this one. (Which I have been thinking of doing, given that I am no longer home-schooling.) You see, my blog just turned one (on the 8th) and I would feel SO bad leaving it that soon after it's first birthday!
(if you really couldn't care less about my reasons, just skip to the bullet points then  comment and tell me what you think I should do!)

On the other hand, I can't continue to have a blog named "homeschool diaries" when I am in fact no longer home schooled...I've never really liked that name and it just wouldn't make sense to keep that name on my blog when I am not home schooled.

So, I could
  • rename this blog something else and just keep writing
  • keep this blog (though not continue writing) and start another one which I would name differently
or, I could
  • do something else (please specify!)
What do you think I should do? Please Comment* and let me know what you think!

In other news, I'm FINALLY getting a cell phone...this is actually very exciting for me...and now I'm going to shut up to keep from further embarrassing myself with all this scatter-brained writing! (trust me, I'm not usually like this!)

Oh, one last thing: I want you all to go check out Jocee's post from a few days ago on The Cupcake Dictionary, I really enjoyed reading it, it was very descriptive of how I often feel...thanks Jocee!

*preferably comment on this post...not another one (It would also be really helpful if you could tell me why you think I should do whatever it is that you think I should do) THANKS!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guess what? I'm creative!

This post is dedicated to stating the fact that I have a creative blog...

Thank you Deirdra  for the award (speaking of creative)!

Also, I am again leaving my house (and my blog), but this time only for a few days. Later today, my parents are going to drive me to my cousins, and I'm going to stay with her and her family for a few days, then I'll be taking the train back...all by myself! (Super excited for that!) So anyhow, that paragraph was just to tell you that I won't be blogging for a while!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Come to the Dark Side...we've got rainboots!

For my birthday, my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins sent me the Coolest Pair of Rain-Boots Ever! I had seen them in a nearby store, expressed (in front of my Aunt) how much I like them, and promptly forgot about them--the rain boots that is, not the Aunt. So, imagine my delight upon coming home, receiving a birthday package, and opening it to find the Coolest Pair of Rain-Boots Ever! (I was pretty delighted!)

I get mixed reactions on these boots, some people (like Emily Rose, who kindly modeled them for me) thought they were "WHOA-REALLY-AWESOME!!!!!!" (that was almost--but not quite--a direct quote), and others, like my mom, think that they're "really something" and that they're "very funky", but a little "scary". I have to say, all of these reactions are quite fitting... ... ... ... ... ... ...  so... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... Come to the Dark Side...
we've got rain-boots

Monday, August 1, 2011

pictures of the past...

I decided that as a begining to the end of this blog (I am no longer homeschooling and feel that it would be fitting to start a new blog, one not called homeschool diaries), I have decided to revisit some favorite photos of the past year... ... ...

top tens of spring 

going away

some other post

fun with the fuse box!

winter wonderland! inspirational!

sunny day

mirror mirror on the wall...which of these is real?

Ellis Island of my first and most popular posts!

Well, at least on my new blog (which you are all going to follow, right?) I'll have more opportunities to showcase my photography.