Friday, August 27, 2010

midnight inspiration

First off, have you ever read the book, "Across the Miles by L.M. Montgomery" ?

  It's a wonderful, inspirational book of short stories about, "love notes, marriage proposals, heartfelt promises, honest confessions, and cruel deceptions." (So says the back cover.)  Now, I've noticed that in all the stories, the female protagonist is almost always described as being a witty, intelligent writer.
  So, last night, when I was supposed to be sleeping, I was thinking (this is not an uncommon occurrence when I'm trying to fall asleep). I was thinking about how I wished that I were able to write  witty, intelligent, and feminine letters (such as the female protagonists in Across the Miles are described as writing.) I told my mom this and she told me that I should practice that, then, I thought, wouldn't it be great if I were able to write witty and intelligent blog posts? (The answer: yes, that would be very cool.)
   So, my dear reader, please do not be alarmed if a sudden interesting and funny and maybe a bit old fashioned blog post pops up in the middle of nowhere (that is, on my blog.)
 Now, because you are probably tired of reading about what I was thinking late last night, I suppose I can sign off.
(it's for your own good!) : D


Okay, I've got Fantabulous news-
  My curriculum books arrived on Monday!
Not such great news-
  That means that I had to start math on Tuesday!
Anyway, I didn't sit down to complain, so: [happy...mood...loading......]
  Hey, I hope everyone is having a great end of summer! I'm sure living it up before school starts! Waking up at 8:30 (huge sleep-in for me), reading until 10, taking a looooooooong shower. You know, basically what I've been doing the rest of the summer!
  Unfortunately (as I said before) I had to start my math curriculum on Tuesday (I hate math) but it hasn't really ruined my end of summer mood. (Yet.)
 Other than that I am so excited for school to start, it's not even funny! I can't wait to start English (my favorite subject), or Science and Civics, the subjects I'm doing with my best friend, I'm almost looking forward to having to go to bed and wake up early...almost.

 Well, off to dinner sounds nice now!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy (almost) First Day of School!

Just doing a quick post to wish everyone a:

I hope that everybody has had an awesome summer and I can't wait to get this party/blog started!


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Okay, if everything in life were perfect, I would be one of those people who sit down at the computer and know exactly what to write about, unfortunately, I'm not.
  Also, if life were perfect, I would have interesting home school related things to blog about before school starts, but, life isn't perfect! So, instead I would just like to post a warning:


 Of course, if I have something home school related, I will post it. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010


  In a couple of weeks, everybody will be going back to school, but for now there is a mad rush of activity at the malls and shopping plazas.
  All of the kids are out, looking for their new supplies...and the clothing that will make a good impression on their teachers, and more importantly, on the other students.
  However, I don't have to deal with this. Yes, I have to try to convince my mom to get a whiteboard (again, and yes, I do need new school supplies and more winter clothing, but making an impression? Nah, I'm the most (and the least) popular girl at school!
  The teacher(s) love me and the other kids copy everything I do!
They do everything just like me!
  That's because I make up the entire student body, it's just me...and my mom.

...and so starts my second year of homeschooling. I hope you will follow me (not literally) through all my adventures, and I will try to post as often as I can!