Sunday, September 19, 2010


 I've finally got something EXCITING to post about!

[giving you time to recover from schock]

I started Home Ec. on thursday with my best friend and her totally amazing mother, our first project was...
GRANOLA! (it was really yummmy!)

[the yummalicious granola itself]
Although these pictures were taken in my kiitchen, the actual class was in her kitchen...
Their kitchen is set up with two counters on each side, one attached to the sink, the other by the stove.
So, my friend and I were working back to back with the same tools and the same exact set up on each counter...besides the sink and stove. It was really quite amazing how well we worked like that (not to mention how fun it was).
It was deninatly the best class that I've had so far this year...I wonder waht we'll be doing next week......
[oh my, what a stunning display of granola!]
note the flour standing off to the side, somewhat awkwardly!

[oops, I  'accidentally' spilled the granola...oh well, it makes a perfect picture!]

[who knew granola was so artistic?]

Well, It was certainly a fun class, and I'm not sure that I can wait until Thursday to do it again...

 look who's making dinner tonight!
Well, anyway...
   Stay tuned to find out what we make next week!


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