Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Math [ughh]

It's coming to be that part of the month where students are finally getting used to their schedule, the fact that Mrs. _________ is the cruelest teacher ever, and the fact that the physics teacher is a total wacko!
 However, girls (and guys) like me, don't have to do this bouncing back thing. In that sense, we are sooo lucky! We also don't have to learn how to get on 'that mean teacher's' good side, nope, we can just sit back and relax...
 not that I'm trying to taunt you!
Okay, basically all that was an intro for me to talk about...MATH! [blech]
  First let me make a statement: Meltdowns are okay...in fact sometimes they are really awesome!
 So far math has been okay. Besides the occasional waterworks over the fact that "I've been sitting in this same position for the past half an hour, only to accomplish one and a half problems in my least favorite subject and I can't stand to think that I've got ten problems left!" [sob]
 ummm, yeah. Besides that, I seem to be doing okay. The concepts are pretty easy (even though they have way to many annoying steps) and the book has cute illustrations (which are very fun to look at, even if nothing else is). The problem is, the math book doesn't do a very good job explaining how and why you do things...meaning the result on my test will probably be a big, fat, 60. (probably worse)
   On a happier note, my math test isn't until tomorrow!
           Anyway, at least the Jewish holidays* are coming up and I'll have a chance to take a break from math during the long holiday services!

*Because of this, please do not expect to hear from me for a while!

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