Thursday, September 2, 2010

Civics and English

Wow, this is wonderful, I finally have some time to sit down and tell you about what I've been doing!

 So, the curriculum books that I'm using: Singapore Math (for Math) and Oak Meadow (for everything else!)
 So far my two favorite subjects are Civics and Creative writing! I really like how in Civics the student is able to get involved in a lot of community activities and the way that the curriculum book is written really helps you think about things!
  Creative writing is awesome because, duh! I like to write! So far in Writing I've been building a character, she's kind of old fashioned and she's very sweet! She lives with her older sister and is a bit spacey at points.  I'm sure you'll hear more about her, but for now she needs a name...any suggestions?
  More later on my latest adventure...
signing off now!

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