Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird (which I do not recomend that you do!)

Currently in English I am reading the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. My English curriculem (Oak Meadow) has me doing "Critical Thinking Questions" (in which, to answer, one must think critically). For a long time I have been getting bored of doing the same type of (boring, in my opinion) questions: over, and over again. So, because I am 'artistically inclined', my mom found a sheet listing some fun (artsy) projects that one could incorperate their work into. One such project was writing blog posts from the point of veiw of one a character in the book that one is reading (for English). Of course, how could I resist...so the following posts that include either the words 'Critical Thinking Question' or 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in the title are probably not coming from me...they are coming from a character who was invented about 52 years ago!

Characters that you should know:
  • Scout/Jean Louise Finch--main character (a 2nd grader living in Alabaama in the 30s, with her brother, her father, and their african american hired help)
  • Jem/Jeremy Finch-- Scout's older brother who is 12 years old
  • Atticus Finch-- Scout's father who works as a lawyer and will take cases from 'blacks' as well as 'whites'
  • Dill-- Scout and Jem's friend who stays with his Aunt (and their neighbor), Miss Rashel, during the summer. He is also 'engaged' to Scout. (They're both about the same age.)
  • Miss Maudie-- a neighbor their father's age, who is very friendly t Scout when she is left out of the boy's games
  • Calpurina--Scout's family's hired help
  • Mrs. Dubose--a sickly old woman who is always ready to insult the children when they walk by he house, and who after an 'incident' they must go read to
  • Tom Robinson--a  'black' man who Atticus will be defending in a tough case

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