Monday, July 25, 2011

hellooo- i'm back!

culture shock is a funny thing. One would never expect that one would experience culture shock coming home after only one month...but one does. Especially when one has just come home from camp, where one is very secluded from the outside world.  ~welcome home! hey look, it's a computer!~
 Camp was a really great experience this summer...last summer it was a little bit eh, but this year I really felt that me and the rest of my kvutsah (age group) grew a lot closer. From showering in the bik (the beit kisay-literally house of chairs-otherwise known as the bathrooms/communal shower...don't worry there was a boys' side and a girls' side) to planning the activity that my mom told you about (getting the entire camp safely into "Palestine" in the middle of the night) to having a sleepover with my kvutsah on the basketball court, the last night of camp...I actually felt very at home this summer.
 That said-I'm also glad to be back, and to be able to sleep in! I have many more stories to share, but there is a time limit on how long I can blog today, so I'll share them with you another time!

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