Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Science Pics

Lately (before my mom went away briefly for a family emergency--everything's fine-- and I took a long road trip) I had been doing quite a bit of Physical Science that I found very photographic!

Most recently, I have been studying practical home electricity...Including (the very old fashioned) fuse boxes!

[One of the fuses] 

 [The box itself]

I found the sheet of yellowing paper which told us which fuses went to which parts of the house, it was very interesting to see the generations of  handwriting from our home's owners'... all on the same piece of paper!

*** *** ***

The week before, I had been studying circuits (and the likes) I got some great pictures of our experimental circuit!

[Pictured here is the coil...and the bit of blue covered wire that was causing all of our problems!]

[The contraption; two nails shoved into a cork-screw, with a bunch of wire...very easy!]

[Almost there, now we just have to hook it on to the battery and discover that it's not working]

Unfortunately, as I wrote above, the experiment didn't work. We were supposed to hook the 'contraption' to a battery and feel the coil heat up, however because of the stupid piece of blue coated wire, the experiment didn't exactly work and we had to go through the pains of stripping the tips of yet another piece of wire (this is where you're supposed to feel just a tad bit sorry for me!).

Well, another corkscrew wasted!* (what else were we supposed to do with it??)

*Note, when i say wasted, I don't actually mean it because we had a great time trying the experiment a second time and fooling around with the wires, the 'contraption', the battery, and a light bulb...later on


  1. We have fuse boxes as well, which I think I so awesome.
    Sorry your experiment didn't work. maybe next time, right?;)

  2. Never been good with anything that might electrocute me. Although, to be fair, I'm still alive, so that might be saying something.


  3. too much work for me. i'm not very science-y. :P


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