Tuesday, May 31, 2011

new blog format?

For those of you who are slightly sane, please do not take offense at the following post, it seems that I've finally gone crazy!
It's kind of depressing, given that I will soon be needing to create a new blog (because I'm no longer homeschooling), that I am only now thinking of giving my blog a tiny bit of a makeover...but, I figured to heck with it! why not?
And just in case the world 'ends' again sometime in the near future, at least when we're all dead I can tell all the other dead people that I was productive, and I made my blog look nice...of course if I hang out with Vctorian people in heaven, they won't know what a blog is, but at least I can feel superior!

  Okaaay, now I really am starting to write like Edgar Allen Poe, I'm talking about dead people! (I hope i don't have a fever...)
   Nope no fever, anyhow, as long as we don't all die I the near future (which I certainly hope we don't), you can look forward to a possible change in my blog! Yay!
Sorry about that strange post, it seems that I'm feeling slightly out of sorts today...must be the heat!


  1. Ha ha, I think it would be totally fun to change it around! After all, you don't start your new school until after summer.
    Have fun!

  2. Cool blog!! There are alot of homeschoolers here. Well, guess what? I'm homeschooled too! I've never really been to real school, but I hope it fun, since you're going next semester.
    Oh! And in response to your comment on my blog: No, the Victorian girl is not me. It would take me the rest of my life to try and get my hair like that :) :P


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