Monday, October 18, 2010

Slow days--Quick walks {also: NaNoWriMo}

I often find that after a week of very productive work days, I have very slow days, where nothing seems to appeal to me. I've had many of those days and was having one today. Our solution? A short hike, we bring sketching and writing supplies with us, and we just take about a 20 minute walk (give or take) and spend the rest of the time drawing or writing. I find this a very inspirational time where I am able to write poetry, draw things, come up with blog ideas, or just clear my mind.
  Today, I tried to write a poem about the evil cold of October (hinting at Halloween) and about writing at the top of a rock. It could use a bit of work, so if you have any suggestions as to how I could change it, I would love to hear them!
                                                                        An October Gale
A cold October gust,
ruffles through the pages of my notebook,
'am I in there? will you write about me?'
it whips and whirls by,
weaving through my  tangled tresses,
breathing it's frozen breath on my neck.
The sun bursts into overcast skies,
 for a happy moment, it warms me
A drifting cloud swallows,
and my heat source! GONE
The cloud's grey underside cackles,
'now, for frozen fingers!'
I stand up,
warrior pose,
squinting into the distance
resisting the frozen chills
these moments,
not caught on film
A bird chirps
An airplane rumbles,
I give up, and
huddled against the cold
my white fingers grip the pencil,
I begin
"A cold October gust,
ruffles through the pages of my notebook,

It could use a bit more work (as I already said) but for now, I will stop erasing and rewriting...let me know what you think!

Two other things:
  1. I made amazing Snickerdoodles and will post about them as soon as I am able to upload my (surprisingly good) photos. (our camera needs a new battery...)
  2. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in November, basically it's where a bunch of writers decide that they want to participate, and  they try to write something every day. At the end of the month (on Nov. 30 at midnight) they try to have a novel written. I am going to do NaNoWriMo this year, (you should too) so, I'm sure you'll hear quite a bit more about it in the near future... but for now:  If you would like to sign up; click here, and to learn more about NaNoWriMo; click here
All right, I think that's all I need to say so, I'm off...

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