Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo {did you know that I'm a good procrastinator?}

Well, yesterday NaNoWriMo started. I signed up (Oct 28th) and started writing...of course when I went to submit my work, the web page shut down!
Luckily it was up again before bedtime, so I was able to submit my stuff and go to sleep.

Now, a billion hours later, I'm supposed to be writing my story (so far I only have 1,092 words and my goal is 25000), but instead I'm writing a blog post about what a good procrastinator I am... [exhibit A]
  Well, I guess if I'm blogging anyway, I might as well share a snip-it of my NaNoWriMo story:

Dear Lucy, Monday

  Today was totally dreary! It hasn’t stopped raining since, like, a billion days ago and the people here seem not to get the idea that umbrellas are allowed to be more than one color e.g. BLACK!
   Mum has finally opened up the shop. She says that at least something will be colorful in our world…yeah; she’s right if you count pink and green as colorful! (I know you do, but I don’t…and yes, so far we only have pink flowers—no dresses or anything!) Dad thinks it’s a totally crazy idea for a shop, but Mum just rolls her eyes and says, “I NEED colour!” I gotta say, I agree with her, how much black can you get? Then again, I also agree with dad: who would own a flower and fashion shop…it’s kinda’ stupid. (Not to mention the fact that we’ve only had ONE customer so far!) Anyhow, I guess what I’m trying to say is: I’d rather be with you!
    So, how are things back home? have you gotten 200 [different] customers yet? I wish you could send a famous Apple Crisp in the mail…with ORANGE frosting. I really miss helping out in the bakery.
Your miserable niece AKA Fiona

Dear Lucy, Wednesday
   FINALLY it stopped raining! Not that you care, you’re probably too busy with your 201st customer…that’s right, I still haven’t heard from you!
     PLEASE write back!

Dear Lucy, FRIDAY!
  You do know that stamps cost money, right?

Well, you'll probably here more from me later today, but for now I'd better sign off and start writing...


  1. I found out about your blog through NaNo and it's really cool! I'm also in 8th grade (but I'm not homeschooled, which I think would be really cool!) Your story is really good so far! Keep writing (your story and your blog cause they are both good!)


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