Sunday, December 19, 2010

A 'Creative' Process

I am now going to show you the 'very creative' process of completely destroying your room, then completely undestroying it, and ending up with "whoa, that's not what my room used to look like!" (In other words; today was spent -until two thirty- pushing heavy items across the floor because for some strange reason I wanted to rearrange my room.)
[the completely destroyed room]

This would be my room in the middle of the 'creative process', at the point where; the bed was in place, but nothing else was!

[well, this is supposed to be my bed, but it was temporarily trying out for the part of bookshelf]

[need I say more?]


[You've guessed correctly, my jewelry is not supposed to be on top of my bookshelf! though I was seeing if I actually could live with it like that!]

Finally (around 1:00) I was able to start finishing my room, eg. putting books on there shelf, asking myself if  I really wanted my dresser on that wall, wondering where I could fit the mirror if I moved this that way a few inches... ...

[making some progress--at least, I have my bed back!]

[My jewelry collection-- the set-up was a wonderful surprise b-day present when I came home from camp]

[and now for my dresser...NOTE: it will not stay this clean for any more than 1 week]

["whoa that's not what my room used to look like!"]

After my room had -finally- been transformed, it was time to do some catching up in the civics department! Hmmm... how to write a brief paper on the differences between Democrats and Republicans? (It was completed as a surprisingly very nice poster, and somehow it was approved by the mother/teacher...yay!) Anyway, I had a pretty looooong day!


  1. Your room takes such great photos--even when messy, because it's so bright. Lovely result!

  2. You certainly got a lot done on your room!

    The differences between Democrats and Republicans . . . now that's a contentious subject. :P


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