Friday, December 17, 2010

Sadly Enough...

For the past two weeks, I've been doing something that (not to brag) most home-schoolers don't get to do. I've been shadowing at possible High Schools that I could go to next year. That's right, next year I will no longer be able to call myself a home-schooler, because I'm going to go to a 'real school'.
  I suppose that there's no real reason that you want to hear me go on and on about  going to High School, but I guess it really just finally dawned on me that I'm going to HIGH SCHOOL. (then after that I go to college, but lets not get into that.)

Well, that's all...  I'll probably have a more entertaining post up on Sunday. (I'm -hopefully- rearranging my room, and who knows what I'm going to find... Not that you want to know this, but; we may have already discovered a dead mouse behind my bookcase, luckily this one -if it exists- is not because of my cat!)
[No, this is not the dead mouse behind my book shelf (or any of the other mice that have lived -and died- in my room),
 it's just a cute picture of my cat with his Hanukkah present]


  1. Isn't it crazy how time flies? I was recently thinking about the same thing. Sorry about the mouse. that is super gross. another great picture you have up!

  2. Wow! It's going to be so exciting for you!

  3. Yeah...but guess what? Apparently it wasn't a mouse at all (yes, we checked-to be more specific-my dad checked). It turns out that it was only a dark spot on my floor...We (he) took all the books off my shelf, just to move it away from the wall, then: it was only a spot on the floor, all that work for naught!


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