Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Day... I mean Snow Day!

First of all Merry Belated Christmas to those of you who are (unlike me) not Jewish!

Second of all: Have you ever had that disappointed feeling where you know that something's supposed to happen, then it doesn't; you know you're getting a puppy, but then you get a stuffed animal; you know you're getting a blizzard, but then you get a few inches of terrible packing snow?
  Oh, hey, that last one sounds familiar! Maybe that's because the surrounding states have gotten piles of snow, but we just got a few inches? Oh, that must be why! Anyway, (counting my blessings) at least it's pretty!


  1. I recently told my parents that we need to travel a few states, see my great grandmother, and go skiing or something, because this snow just isn't cutting it (trying really hard to count my blessings, but becoming a little ungrateful)
    on the upside, I really like the picture that you took!

  2. I wish there was more snow around here. There's grass outside! My mom is enthusiastic, but I'm not. LOL.


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