Sunday, January 23, 2011

and now...

[to be read in announcer voice]
...and now, after a week of silence: we find out that indeed, the writer of this blog does still care about her readers, and , not only is she very sorry that she hasn't said anything, she hopes that her silence has not offended anyone. Now,  the moment you've all been waiting for: Dancing Through Life speaks!

"Yes, hello everybody. Thank you for the wonderful introduction, I feel so...'loved. Well, folks it has been a very busy week and -embarrassingly- I've been on the computer only to do research and if there ever was a time that I was able to have a bit longer (on the computer) than 'research time' it most certainly wasn't enough time to write an entire blog post! Yes, well... I would like to say to my dear, dear readers that I hope you will be able to forgive me for my lack of attention to the blog (in the past week) and I offer my sincerest apologies!"

That from her most recent 'speech' to her readers and followers. The first post since her week of silence, and now she's back, [hopefully] better than ever!

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  1. Glad to here from you, it's always such a treat to read a fresh post on your blog!


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