Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowed in Suspense!

All right, all right, I shall now reveal how much snow we got, but...please don't read the rest of this post, unless you've read this one.

.  .  .

 It was snowing all day (on Wednesday) and by dinnertime, I'd say we had about 1' 5" of my friend said about the storm; "be careful what you wish for!" SO, I'm sorry that the photos are all grey and monotoned...but that's what snow looks like!

[...and it's still coming down hard!]

[Where did the porch steps go?]
After attempting to shovel the driveway in two layers (my back still hurts), I went across the street to see my friend she and I tried to play in the snow...but it was very hard given the fact that we couldn't walk a step without being sucked into and buried in a snow drift!

[I hope that wasn't a squirrel's nest!]

[Our garage was buried alive...I sill can't open the door to get my sleds out!]

My friend and I soon realized that there was just a tad too much snow for sledding, so we  decided to make a village of snow homes, under a pine grove, next to her house.
(About the sledding: Yes, we tried, but it's terribly hard to get out of a sled when the snow is higher than you while you are kneeling down.) 

[A tree as seen through the icicles]

While we're on the subject of icicles: the day after the storm was beautiful with the brightest sky of blue imaginable! The sun was shining on our many icicles and let me tell you; besides the cold, it was quite the photo op.!

[My best icicle picture ever taken...I haven't taken all that many!]

[My second best!]

[The snow, no longer on the pine tree (pictured waaaayyy above!)]

[One of my favorite views to take a picture from, it's surprising how many pictures I have from this point of view!]
To take advantage of my New Years resolution: One of the things I have been grateful for this week was the large amount of snow and snow play... I'm also thankful for having had the chance to build a wonderful igloo. But, that's a different story!


  1. Wonderful post! your photos are exquisite, and capture the storm in a magnificent way. Wasn't it a treat to receive such bountiful loads of snow?

  2. Great post!
    I love snow. It's so pretty.
    I hate snow. It's such a pain in the butt.



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