Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy as a bee!

I feel pretty terrible right now about not having posted for the past --over a--week. However I do have a reason.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where nothing seems to get done, besides a few math problems?

[The math utensils, not used this week!]

Yes, well that was last week. It was so hectic that I can't remember what I did on Monday, but...

Tuesday: a rescheduled shadowing day at one of my possible future high schools, this started 8:15 (we thought there was a 90 minute delay, and wanted an hour to get there--bad weather) and went until 4:30 (including the time it took us to get home--a half an hour). We sat down for a quick bite to eat then off to a makeup date for dance (I hadn't had a dance class in over a month due to snow days)!

Wednesday: An orthodontist appointment that (I think) had also been rescheduled due to bad weather. This went for 80 minutes, afterward; my writer's group, we meet every two weeks; then an afternoon of some math, before packing up my dinner and going to a duct tape workshop (we made awesome roses). My mother was teaching at the Hebrew school, so I went home with a friend, grabbed my dinner (in a bag), and went to her basketball game for a few minutes while I waited for my mom to pick me up and take me to dance (again).

Thursday: a morning doctor's appointment. great amounts of pain from the previous day's orthodontic gear, a few hours working on civics and math, then finally a quiet evening (finishing my math), an early dinner, and off to discuss some things regarding a newspaper club with another home schooler (we're starting a Newspaper Club in our home school coop).

Friday: Teen Home school coop (see last night's newspaper discussion), the afternoon was spent preparing for the Jewish time to blog there!

Saturday: Sabbath (and volunteer work, feeding homeless people, when the sabbath was over.)

Sunday: parents had meetings in the morning (which of course I had to attend), helping out at my previous school's open house, hanging out with my best friend for a few hours, then off to Israeli dancing with me!

Monday: also busy enough, but finally time to sit down and right something. Sorry about the crazy post...

'nuff said!

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