Monday, February 28, 2011


Finally, it's the time of year when we start looking forward and planning for the spring (and summer). Personaly, I hate this time of year (besides one thing that I'll get to below). I hate that the sky is always grey, the world is cold, with no purpose (for example it's usually not snowing), the sun isn't very warming, and the ground is frozen solid. Not to mention the fact the most of the snow has already melted leaving the ground a 'beautiful' brown. You're tired of winter, have cabin fever, and wish that the crocuses would just bloom already!

           The one thing that I like?             (scroll down for answer)

Ordering seeds! We just ordered ours, and I'm now looking forward to a summer filled with  red and golden tomatoes, strawberries, string beans, snap peas, eggplant, and lot's of lettuce! I am so excited to prep the garden and turn the soil. Just thinking about standing with the dirt between my toes and the sun, warm on my back gives me a fluttery stomach!

Question: What's your favorite part of gardening? What do you like to plant in your garden?
             [Unfortunatley, the picture is my mom's I can not take credit for it, though I wish that I could!]


  1. Really beautiful pic! I love lying on your sidewalk while we look at the bright blue sky, then I run around and get my feet black because I kicked the shoes off...Man I can't wait for summer!

  2. ditto that!

    or as some people might say: AMEN sista!


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