Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shavuot {the jewish dairy holiday}

Coming up tonight? The Jewish Dairy Holiday, where we stay up all night and eat ice cream while we study.
 (Don't most High School students do that anyway?) ; D
But wait-- Shavuot isn't just about eating dairy and studying, it signifies something greater than that! Shavuot is the Jewish holiday that celebrates our receiving the Torah (otherwise known as the old testament). The story goes that Moses went up to Mount Sinai where G-d gave him the 'Ten' Commandments and the Torah, it is said that Moses spent 40 days on the top of that mountain, learning these commandments by heart, and then G-d dictated to Moses the Five Books of  Moses (or the words written in Torah scrolls). SO, this is why we celebrate Shavuot, to acknowledge the day when we were given the Torah.
  Now, why the dairy? We eat dairy because it is said that 'the Torah nurtures us like a mother's milk nurtures a baby', so to be even more nurtured on the celebratory day, we stay up all night and study Torah (so that the Torah may 'nurture' us) and we also eat lots and lots of dairy (I guess to symbolize that we are being nurtured by the Torah). I feel bad for those Jews who are lactose intolerant!
   Anyhow, looking forward to ice-cream until midnight!
To any Jews: HAPPY SHAVUOT!        To all others: I hope you learned something about Jewish tradition!


  1. ...this is one of those many times that I wish that I celebrated my Jewish heritage a bit more fervently.

    Have a WONDERFUL (belated) holiday. <3

    Shalom from your newest follower.


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