Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer camp {my silence shall last until the end of July}

Hello again, I'm writing a quick post to say that I'm leaving for camp on Sunday and won't be coming back for almost exactly a you won't be hearing very much from me until August.

(To rephrase that: I will not have access to a computer until August, so you won't hear anything from me.)

I may have time to put up one or two more posts before I leave, but packing is taking up WAY too much of my time. (time? What time?)

Anyhow thanks for being lovely readers and for your patience until the end of I said before (when I was not high on Tylenol): I love you all!

Excuse the mushiness of that statement, I'm in rare form today!


  1. Hooray for sunshine! SAD to see you go! Have fun, though!! And take pictures!

  2. I'm gonna miss you! Please come back soon.;(

  3. I'll write you. Promise! And I DO get high on Tylenol. The gel kind only. I think.;)


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