Wednesday, June 15, 2011

THe Sweetie Award {yummy!}

I would like to thank Emily Rose from Mist of the Blossom Rain for passing me the sweetie sweet!! (ha, ha)  ;D  Anyhow, thanks so much, Emily!

What are your favorite sweet things to eat (or drink)?
Ice cream is certainly #1 (ever tried fried ice-cream? yum!) anyhow, various types of chocolate come next along with home-made cakes and chocolate milk, I like gum (which is a definite problem...braces)...
Actually, give my anything sweet and I'll probably eat it (or at least most of it!)

Have you ever dreamed that Candyland was a real place?
No, I'm not that far gone in my sweet obsessions!

If there was a flavored brand of bubbles, what flavor would you get?
Orange citrus, Cozy Vanilla, or Icy Mint; yum, yum, and triple yum!

Have you ever been kicked out of a bakery for smelling something?
Not that I can remember...if people get kicked out for smelling things, I'd be more worried in the gum isle at the supermarket, I LOVE to smell gum (through the packet, of course)'s kind of a weird obsession.   Anyhow   [cough, cough]

What is your favorite kind of tea?
In the Herbal section, I prefer Mint or Chamomile, in the regular teas I LOVE vanilla or Lady Grey, but when it comes to specialtea drinks (hee hee) I can always go for a chai latte!

Strawberry or red velvet?
If we're talking cakes, home-made strawberry shortcake is where it's at!

Have you ever poured a jar of sprinkles into your mouth?
Ummm, only part of the jar...why do you ask?!?

Admit it: You've eaten icing straight out of a jar, haven't you?
My Mom usually makes the icing for cakes, but everybody buys a jar of icing once in a while, so I guess the answer would have to be yes!
(have you ever tried dipping pretzels into jars of icing and eating them? delish!)

Have you ever drooled while watching a cooking show?
yes, multiple times (though, i prefer not to admit that!)
who hasn't?

Now you lucky ducks get to have "the sweetness passed on!" SO:
1. Sandra from The Barefoot Duchess
3. Camille at Forever Feminine
Enjoy, Ladies!


  1. Thank you so much for awarding me! It made my day to see this! :D

  2. I *finally* get around to this! I'm so sorry for not doing this post earlier. I kinda....had a very long break from blogging. But I'm going to do the post right now!! Yay!!


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